Friday, December 4, 2009

No Separate Telangana please......

Its so sad to know that people look at separation as a means to grow, develop. My belief says if a person is strong in his ideas and beliefs, nothing can alter it. He should be able to help the state grow as a nation and not divide it based on regions.Yes – I’m talking about KCR – I don’t want to sound indecent but wish I could bad mouth him for his deeds and selfish motives.

When congress gained power in May 2009 at the state and central, I was a little apprehensive thinking about how the Telangana issue will shape up. I wished BJP had won the elections for the same reason. Nevertheless, any party would have oscillated for their selfish reasons – getting the maximum votes.

And sad enough, they are caching on the younger lot. These students who get easily agitated, high of their adrenaline rush, get provoked so easily. Its sad to see a majority of students falling into his trap. Two students committed suicide – what did they even think they were achieving by doing this? And on top of this, we have KCR who is fasting onto death and threatening to suicide if doctors treat him. Any matured human being working with his proper senses and one who claims to be the president of a party will not instill such qualities – would never sort to suicide as a solution. He has to be an icon to the people who follow him and this is what he’s leading them to.

Sometimes, I wonder why the media don’t show the adversities of separating a state. Its beyond doubt that the students were provoked with all the wrong reasons possible. They are only seeing one version of KCR - if atleast they were enlightened about it, perhaps they would think differently.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A lazy saturday

I'll not say - I got back to blogging cause for me 'it' never started. 2 years is a long time but yeah, I want to do this now.

My life has changed much today when compared to the time when I started writing the blog. How I wish I could turn back time and do all the things I always wished to do. But how does that matter cause inspite of feeling this, I'm still not doing anything to change it today.

Was sitting in the couch all day long, watching videos from TED India to politics and listening to songs. What a way to pass my time.

A blog to warm up for today. More later........