Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first blog!!

I took quite some time for this. Blogging- what I always wanted to do, but never really had the time to do so. I wanted to share few strong and sensible thoughts. And here I am - at it finally.

It was a busy day at work with a task on my neck to finish. But need to get a cup of strong coffee to brighten my day. Back to my table, with the process running in the background and on the foreground. Read the possible news from India to America.
I was reading a blog written by my friend and I came across this quote which says

'When you take eyes off your goal, all you see is Obstacles' - Unknown author

This seems so true. I'm here with a goal and want to achieve what I want to in the least possible time. But at times, its so difficult- feel tough to pass a single minute too but what pushes me then is my goal and reminds me of the person behind all this. What I'm trying to achieve might not be so huge or wont make a huge difference to the society but makes a difference to me. It makes me happy. I'm not an ego-centric person but at times its important to look at what makes you happy. And at the same time, I cant keep looking for happiness, but I have to live everyday.

There isn't any road to Happiness but Happiness is the road.
"Happiness is a Voyage not a destination"